Marilyn Boettiger L.C.S.W.

   BA 1973 UC Berkeley
   MSW 1978 UC Berkeley


   Licensed Clinical
   Social Worker
   Lic # LCS 8176

Liability Insurance:

   Granite State Insurance
   Pol# SWL4747094

Children's Hospital of San Francisco 1977 - 1979

Newport Psychoanalytic Institute 1988 - 1995

Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-552-8737
Fax: 949-654-2402
Professional Background:

Private Practice: Irvine, CA (1988 - Present)

Outpatient Psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, children suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders-- including Couples Therapy

Therapeutic techniques: Psychoanalytic, Cognitive and Behavioral interventions based on patient's needs, situational stressors and support systems.

I have worked as a licensed psychotherapist since 1980. I strongly believe in the strength of the human spirit to overcome any challenge life presents. I feel my open non-judgmental perspective and sense of humor helps make therapy a comfortable experience. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults from many ethnic backgrounds and spiritual beliefs.

I have a sliding fee scale and am on a variety of Insurance Panels. Sessions range from 45-50 min.

I check my telephone messages on a regular basis throughout the day, evening and weekends and have a longtime colleague to cover for me when I am out of town.

Call me at 949-552-8737 for an in-depth phone consultation. I will not charge for the first session if you feel we are not a good "match."


Marilyn Boettiger.

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